Foreigners and Spanish Nationality

At A-Z Paperwork we can help both you and your family members with the Spanish formalities for foreigners, their residence permits and their applications for Spanish Citizenship.  Our services include helping you to process your paperwork in a more agile and effective way at the Immigration Office or the Ministry of the Interior, checking the status of your file in the Immigration Office and advising you during each and every stage of the process, making your life much easier.

These are some of our services:

  • Obtaining your NIE on the same day
  • Residence cards for EU citizens and their Non-EU family members
  • Residence cards for Non-EU citizens
  • Residence Permits for Investors
  • Work Permits for foreigners
  • Processing of documents to get married in spain
  • SIP cards (health cards) for title-holders and beneficiaries
  • European Health insurance cards
  • Obtention of Spanish Citizenship
  • Authorizations for re-entry into Spain


European Resident card

As a citizen of the European Union you are able to reside and work in Spain, as well as in any other EU country.  In contrast, your family members, if they are Non-EU citizens, will need to apply for a residence card as family members of an EU citizen.  Please contact us to find out how we can help you in managing this process.  With residence permits for Non-EU citizens and Spanish Citizenship for those who want to reside and work in Spain, we can advise you throughout the procedure.

We can also assist you if you wish to apply for the renovation of a residency, or to transform a temporary residence  permit into a long-term residence permit.  In addition, to complete the full service package we offer, we can help you with the, at times, difficult formality of opening a bank account or of contracting a medical insurance policy.  We can also inform you about the procedures in cases of residence permits due to exceptional circumstances, such as the “arraigo laboral”,  “social”, or those for refugees and mistreated women. If you are a Non-EU citizen who wants to make an investment in a business or in real estate in Spain, please visit the section dedicated to residence permits for investors to learn more about our services.

Obtention of Spanish Nationality or Citizenship

At A-Z Paperwork, we can also help you with the formalities related to the aquisition of Spanish Nationality.  Applying for Spanish Nationality is a process which can take a very long time and in which you will need to have all of the necessary paperwork in order, always proceeding step by step.  Don't take any chances or short cuts!  Put yourself in the hands of A-Z Paperwork, the specialized pofessionals.  We can provide you with very good advice so that you can correctly prepare your file to process your request for Spanish Nationality.  It is especially important to carefully observe all the legal formalities which are outlined on the web page of the Ministery of the Interior and which are available in different languages at the Spanish Consulates all over the world.  The mis-interpretation of any particular requisite could end up causing the refusal of your application for the Spanish Nationality.

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