Sworn Translators

The team at A-Z Paperwork are also at your service to provide you with the services of sworn translators who will translate your documents into any language you need. Translation and certification of official documents can consume a lot of time.

At A-Z Paperwork we want to put at your disposal our team to help you to resolve all your paperwork in a fast and 100% professional way, whilst you dedicate your time to the things that really interest you. We have extensive experience, and know all the common mistakes which can occur when it comes to certifying the validity of translated documents. All you need is to do is to send us the documentation scanned, tell us in which language you require the translation and specify whether the certification should be normal or official (sworn). Everything else you can leave in the hands of our professionals. We will take care of the process from beginning to end. Also, if you're not sure which type of certification you require, we will be able to advise you on this.


Who can be called a sworn translator?

A sworn translator is a professional who can perform translations of official documents, and has obtained an official certificate of accuracy after passing a very difficult exam.  This certification which is displayed in an official stamp which bears the translator’s name and signature, makes documents valid for use in official bodies of the public administration, as does, for example, the Hague Apostille attached to a document. The sworn translation of an Apostilled document allows you to use this document in other countries, and in the official bodies of these countries. Agencies such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation or international embassies require the translations to be performed by specific translators recognized by them.  At A-Z Paperwork we can provide you with sworn translations and interpretations which comply with all the legal requirements of these Agencies. In addition, thanks to the experience of the team at A-Z Papework, we are able to advise you in relation to which type of certification you need for any particular case.

What is the cost of a sworn translation?

Contact us via our contact form or send us an email if you would like to attach a document, specifiying in which language  you need the translation, and how quickly you need it. Our team will quickly contact you to discuss your application and ensure that you are opting for the correct certification which will sucessfully meet your requirements, and this in the shortest possible time. We will immediately send you a quote for the services you require. Once you have accepted the quote, we'll take care of everything else.

Don't hesitate, contact A-Z Paperwork today!  Obtain the translation and certification of your official document, with our guarantee of it’s validity in other countries.

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