Advice on managing your Real Estate in Spain

The purchase or sale of your home is one of the most important economic decisions you are going to make in your life.  For this reason, we recommend that, if you're thinking of purchasing or selling a property, you should do this with the help of the best advisers and professional managers.  At A-Z Paperwork, we can help you with the paperwork involved in the sale of your home and act as your representatives throughout the process.  We will advise you on all the steps you need to follow - even before the signing of any document or the payment of any financial amount, so that you can buy or sell your home with total security and peace of mind.  Call us today to find out our fees and rates.


Formalities prior to the purchase or sale of a home: The private purchase contract.

It’s important for you to receive proper good advice before signing a contract between the parties, which always takes place prior to the granting of the public deed.  At A-Z Paperwork we accompany you throughout the process and manage all the necessary steps to ensure that the contract is concluded in a satisfactory manner.  Some important considerations are the agreement on price, the handover date, the manner in which the final payment will be satisfied, or the possible subrogation of a mortgage.  There are also other important issues which may arise, ie if the property part of a housing complex, or urbanization falling under the regime of community property or if the property falls into the category governed by protected housing laws.

What if the seller acts via a representative with a power of attorney?  Is the property being sold by the heirs and do they have all the documentation in order?  Are these heirs really the only ones with legal rights to the home?  Also, it is very important that you make sure of the state of debts on the property, and to verify this we would arrange  an informative note from the local property registry to show if the home is free of debts or if it carries any mortgage or liability.  If the property you wish to purchase is part of a community of owners, we would help you find out if the seller is up to date with all the community payments. We would also inform you about the statutes and internal rules of the community.

Expenses related to the purchase or sale.

At A-Z Paperwork we manage all the expenses arising from the operation:

  • The Municipal Tax on the Increase in Value of Urban Land (usually called Plusvalía Municipal).
  • The expenses of the Public Deed at the Notary.
  • The costs of the Registration of the Property.
  • The satisfaction in terms of the tax known as the Patrimonial Transmission Tax, Value Added Tax (IVA) or Stamp Duty (AJD) to the Autonomous Community, as applies in each different case.

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