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At A-Z Paperwork we take care of all the paperwork related to your vehicle, from the sale or the matriculation, right up to the management of the exchange or duplicate of your driver's licence, so that you only have to worry about continuing to enjoy driving your vehicle. In our agency you will find experience and professionalism. Contact us for information on our rates.


Transfer of vehicles

Are you thinking of selling or buying a vehicle? As you already know, the sale of vehicles, both new and used, is subject to mandatory procedures, both for the purchaser and for the seller.  Neglecting to respect all of the mandatory procedures can only lead to negative consequences such as fines or the inability to successfully complete other formalities, such as the Technical Inspection of Vehicles. At A-Z Paparwork we can help you with all the procedures and formalities related to the change of ownership of your vehicle in the Traffic Department. We have a long history of professional experience with required paperwork in Spain,  allowing you to trust us and forget any problems and headaches!  Contact us today and be sure to follow our tips! You should never hand over your vehicle without proof of the sale in the form of an original contract.  If the sale is between individuals, there must be a contract between you (this will later be accompanied by a certificate stating that the vehicle is in your name), or, when it comes to the purchase of a new vehicle, you need to be in possession of an official invoice.

Our agency can take care of the following formalities for you in the Traffic Department:

  • Changing the ownership of your car or motorcycle.
  • Registering your new car.
  • Importing your vehicle from another country.
  • Obtaining the Technical Inspection Card for your vehicle.
  • Obtaining a new or replacement Circulation Permit for your vehicle in your name.
  • Application for relevant reports from the Traffic Department to verify the status of a vehicle, ie the “History of Impediments” report which provides  information regarding possible financial debts on the vehicle.
  • Payment of the corresponding taxes on the transfer of vehicles, based on their book value.

Exchange of driving licence and duplicados

At A-Z Paperwork we can also take care of the exchange of your driving licence to the new EU driving licence.  We can also assist with the  renewal of your  driving licence, and with obtaining a duplicate due to loss or theft.

Contact us today, and let us inform you about the advantages of our services and our rates.

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