International Tax advice

At A-Z Paperwork we provide legal advisory services on international tax matters, as well as a comprehensive management service of your personal tax obligations and of those related to your business. Legal and tax advice to expatriates is one of the specialties of our advisors, and these are indeed  very sensitive issues for companies too, in order to prevent international double taxation. In addition, we can provide you with our advisory services in relation to international tax planning, mergers, acquisitions and e-commerce.

Tax on non-resident income

Tax on non-resident income is a tax levied on the income derived from the assets of expats in Spain.  In addition, all resident and non-resident property owners are obliged to pay property tax on their real estate (also known as IBI). Those expatriates who have an obligation to pay tax in Spain, must designate a representative before the Spanish tax department. By designating A-Z Paperwork as your representatives, you will enjoy peace of mind, knowing that a professional and experienced team are managing your relations with the Spanish treasury.


The tax on successions and donations of non-residents

The tax on successions and donations of non-residents is one of the taxes which causes a lot of confusion to the taxpayer. This is a tax which varies widely depending on in which Spanish Autonomous Community the assets are located. There are up to 20 different taxation regimes in relation to the tax on successions and donations. The law establishes that, in principle, non-residents must be taxed on the basis of the state tax regime, in which there are fewer allowances than in those of the Autonomous Communities.  Despite this, the jurisprudence created by the European Court of Justice has forced the Spanish treasury to adapt the precepts applicable to all the citizens residing in the European Union and not engage, as they used to, in discrimination between residents and non-residents.

Whether you are a resident or a non-resident EU citizen, and are about to accept an inheritance in Spain, please get in touch with us at A-Z Paperwork. We will also be happy to help and advise you in the planning and management of your taxation in Spain.

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